Monday, March 22, 2010

The Perfect Muslim..


How to become the perfect muslim??

All the signs are provide detailed guidelines on correct Islamic behaviour together with Islamic values and principles.

Your Lord has ordered that

You worship none except HIM

And that (you should be) kind

To your parents

If one or both of them

Reach old age in your life

Do not lose patience with

Or criticise them

But speak kindly to them

And lower the wings of humility

And submission to them through mercy

And say “My Lord

Have mercy on them as they

Did care for me in childhood”

Your Lord knows best

What is in your hearts

If your behaviour shows good intentions

He is most forgiving

To those who seek His forgiveness

All the time

Give your family, the needy

And the destitute their due

And do not waste your

Wealth unnecessarily

For those who waste money are in

Connection with the devil

Who has always been ungrateful

To his Lord

But if you have to turn away

From them in pursuit

Of mercy from your Lord

For which you hope

Then speak gently to them

Let not your hand be chained

To your neck out of stinginess

And let it not hang loose

Otherwise you will only

Have yourself to blame

For your destitution

Surely, your Lord does provide

Abundant sustenance to those

He chooses, and enough

Sustenance to those He wills

For He is All-Knowing and All-Seeing

Do not kill your children

For fear of poverty

He shall provide sustenance

For them and for you also

Surely, to kill them

Is a great sin

Do not even think

Of adultery for it is

An abomination and evil

Do not take life

Which Allah (SWT) has made sacred

Except for just cause

And if one is killed unjustly

His heir has the right

To demand justice in kind

But let him not go beyond

The bounds of reason

For he is already supported

Never touch the wealth

Of an orphan

Except to improve it

Until he reaches his prime

And take not of all transactions

(On his behalf)

For you are accountable

(On Judgement Day)

Be fair when you measure

And give fair weight

When you weight

That is better and fairer

In the final interpretation

Do not be over-curious

Of that which is beyond you

Remember that which

You hear, see and is

In your heart

Will be questioned

And do not walk on the earth

With arrongance for you can never

Reach down to the depths

Of its core

Or reach up to the height

Of the mountains

All such things

Are evil and loathed

By your Lord.

From the Surah Al-Isra’, we learn several individual principles which is correspond with the categories mentioned above.

Believe in ALLAH, the One and Only

Be kind to your parents.

Do not be a spendthrift

Do not kill your children

Seek compensation, not revenge

Have good intentions

Be kind when turning people down

Do not be stingy

Be kind to your kin

Do not commit adultery

Do not kill unjustly

Respect the rights orphans

Be fair and do not cheat

Do not be over-curious

Do not be arrogant.

P/S :The above principles provide mankind with the guidance necessary for dealing with people and taking one’s rightful place in a caring and healthy society.
Selamat Beramal..=)


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